Sunday, June 17, 2012

new and vintage items just added to our boutique...just minutes away from Las Vegas

folks from around the world stop in our little boutique and are delighted with the assortment of unique and vintage treasures to take home...


  1. I sure wish you would have been open before I moved away from my beloved Boulder City in 2010. I would have been your best customer. When I come back for a visit, I will definitely stop in. Until then I will visit through your blog.

    Do you deliver . . . to Florida . . . that is?

    NO? I didn't really think so.


  2. Ellie, we are delighted that you have found our blog...we will look forward to seeing you when you are in BC next time. If you ever do find something on the blog that interests you, please call. We will see about shipping to Florida...


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